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Unfortunately, you can't add only $1 to your cart and get the Free shipping. The easiest way is to add an extra product to your cart to make your purchase more beneficial for you.

Try Sublingual Versions

Feel free to give a try to our sublingual and soft versions of the most popular generic brands (Viagra Soft and Cialis Soft, Modafil MD, etc.) Because sublinguals absorb rapidly, they also metabolize rapidly in the body - our customers love them too!

Free Shipping

Currently, we offer two tiers of shipping for you to choose from, both of which offer free shipping over a specific amount. These two options are as follows:

  • Express shipping w/ tracking (7-12 business days): $49 or free for orders over $180
  • Standard shipping (10-18 business days): $39 or free for orders over $130

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