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Requesting a chargeback through your bank, honestly, isn’t the best idea. First of all, our refund policy assures that buyers are satisfied with the product they ordered, or they always get their money back so you can always request a refund.

NOTE: Under U.S.C. Title 18 Section 1029 Requesting a chargeback through your credit card company or bank without first contacting us and following correct refund procedures is regarded as fraudulent.

It is extremely important for us to prevent chargebacks from our customers because our bank may lock our merchant account. A locked bank account means we will not be able to accept credit card payments from our customers anymore. What is more, every chargeback will lead to a permanent customer’s ban from our community even if it was made by mistake. If you have any issues, please contact our customer support, they will be happy to help.

Your recent purchase with us will appear on your credit card statement under a different merchant name (NOT specifically BuyEDTabs), so keep this in mind in order to prevent chargebacks made by accident.

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